1. #193. Scandal: Season 2, Ep. 20 - “A Woman Scorned.” [liveblog]

    I’m glad to see Mellie putting her foot down and digging her heels in. She’s not budging from her position and she’s not bluffing either, I’m sure of it. Fitz and Cyrus has pushed her around and pushed her aside for far too long. She’s been used as a scapegoat for Fitz’ infidelity as if she is the one responsible for his own adulterous actions. Her anger at being marginalized and ignored is understandable. Her decision to play her best hand at this point in the game is understandable. She’s tired of playing The Good Wife, she’s sick of feigning the joys of being The First Wife to a husband who often forgets that. As Cyrus once said, she’s a political animal and even viewers who loathe her character can see that she’s way too ambitious to continue sitting back and watching as Fitz drives his political career and capital into the ground for a mistress who’s sick of his stalking and abusive antics.

    Did I forget to mention that I absolutely hate Fitz?