1. Transethnics

    Contextually, the warped logic of transethnics who draw from dark skinned, POCs desires to be lighter skinned and/or white to their desire to be POC is non-comparable.

    Internalized racism is a response to neo-colonialism and a culture that values whiteness over the cultures, ethnicities and racially codified characteristics of POCs. The envying of institutionalized white privilege, which usually manifests itself as a desire to be white, is not comparable to people who take racists stereotypes about POCS, internalize them and then perpetuate them while still having white privilege.

    Transethnics are still perpetuating racism and are racists. Calling yourself something does not make it so, and identifying as a POC erases actually POC experiences. Also, identifying as POC does not take away a transethnic, white person’s racial privilege.

    In fact, transethnics are reinforcing cultural whiteness. To “pass” as the race they’re pretending to be, they need to rely on cultural appropriation and racist attitudes.

    It’s offensive. It’s unfortunate and overall, it’s pathetic.

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    In another words, “transethnic” white people are the latest generation of insufferable, hubristic, *racist* white...
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