1. Artist Spotlight of the Day - Interview


    Introduce yourself.

    S: My name is Sheniece Cater and I’m currently a freelance artist specializing in water colour.

    Optimist or Pessimist?

    S: I would say that I am more of a pessimist than an optimist. A good word for my thought process or perspective on things is a realist.scanned through computer :)
    Does this affect your artwork in any way and if yes, how does it?

    S: I tend to draw a lot of things that are left to interpretation. In a sense, being a realist does affect my work but in a very vague way.  I sometimes do my drawings around themes where I address current issues like, humans in accordance with nature…I try to always add aspects of nature in my pieces.

    So, are you a naturalist, an environmentalist perhaps?

    S: I would say that I’m a naturalist because I do practice it through my art and it sometimes is the defining aspect of my pieces.

    Is there anything spiritual about your pieces?

    S: Oh, definitely. When I draw things of nature or when I walk through forests, lakes and bodies of water, I can’t help but to be drawn to it and the more I venture in, the more I want to express it through my skill. When I draw nature I feel that it lives through me and it is what enhances me and my creative aspirations. updatelookingthroughtheplexiglass:



my art piece featured on my other blog

    What would painting out of your comfort zone look like?

    S: Painting urban settings. It bugs me. I hate geometric shapes in my art and it’s something that I’m trying to break out of because I want to pursue more. It’s a love-hate thing…

    What is it about a piece that can make you hate it or love it? What makes or breaks art for you?

    S: When it is too simple, lacks technique or when people justify something that you know and they know is not their best work. When grotesque mediums, for example, excrement, is used…I just cannot appreciate art when done in this fashion.

    Would you say that the quality of art has deteriorated?

    S: In a sense, yes…I think that since it’s so accessible and literally anyone can do it, it has deteriorated. The quality diminishes because art’s no longer coming from the naturally gifted or highly talented anymore.

    Do you feel that —- has successfully brought out your talent?

    S: Yes, indeed. Because of —-, I felt comfortable in pursuing art and it has taught me so much more about myself and what I’m capable of. I feel that I found my true self in that school.

    I’m guessing it must’ve been pretty intimidating to be surrounded by so many other talented students.

    S: Actually, at first, it was very intimidating because there were so many significantly talented individuals, but after a while I started to gain confidence with my own artwork and what I have to bring to the table.

    Any advice for new artists?

    S: Always push the envelope and don’t settle for okay. You are your own competition and you will determine your strength and success.

    What’s your dream for your future as an artist?

    S: I am aiming towards going into business by starting my own café-art gallery. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and the idea is very appealing to me. My restaurant would serve amazing food while giving my customers a choice to look at beautiful art in a separate space.

    Sounds fantastic! I’ll be sure to check it out when it’s open. Thanks so much for your time and honesty.

    S: Thanks! It was a great opportunity talking to you.

    For information on her rates and prices, contact her at:


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