1. [gynocraticgrrl and an anon both send an ‘ask’ to thatisnotfeminism:

    gynocraticgrrl: “Dear patriarchalcapitalist, the capitalistic, economic structuring of society might push women into prostitution, but it is the misogynistic demand for 24/7 access to female bodies incited by men that keeps the cycle going.”

    Anon: “I am a sex worker (a cam model, specifically). I thought it was going to be empowering, good for my self-esteem, easy money, etc. but it’s not. It’s awful. I hate myself when I am working (and when I am not), my self-esteem went up for a bit but then shot down lower than ever before, and I am degraded every day, even when I DON’T get overtly misogynistic male visitors saying things about my body and/or insulting me. There IS a 24/7 need for female bodies and I am just one bit of proof of that.”]

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