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    male “feminists” or whatever you people are calling yourselves these days basically do exactly the same thing as the friend zone, they’re just smart enough not to call it that

    • they’re only nice to women when they think they can “get something” from her. either it’s sex, or friendship, or just a compliment of “wow, What a Great Guy!” women they don’t think they can sway are thrown to the dogs as not being worth it
    • literally only like to talk about feminist issues when it’s conversations among other women. ive never seen a man (offline, here, wherever) actually try and stop their friends from making a sexist joke, or hassling a woman (verbally, physically). but men LOVE to voice their opinions on what they think feminism should be focusing on, or their opinions about “what is womanhood” or “why x is important” and if you, a woman, disagree, they just snidely shut you down

    the only difference is they wear revolutionary berets instead of fedoras

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    so if you a dude and you wanna be a feminist yo don’t do this shit, okay? if you’re a feminist you will be shutting...
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    Obviously the above ‘no men feminists’ ladies above have never had a relationship with a decent guy in their lives.
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  39. silvermoon424 said: That show’s actually pretty funny.
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    What a bunch of sexist, ally-hating cunts.
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    Or we noticed patriarchy has failed us too, and we’re unwilling to pay the personal, social, and spiritual cost of being...
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