1. One of my favorite DeviantArt MRAs: DarkProxy [who has been fortunately permanently banned from the site]. Homophobic and reeking of misogyny, he very eloquently criticizes the cover of Jessica Valenti’s “Full Frontal Feminism” and goes on to speak of the plight of men in America. Inspirational!

    "God I love hypocrites.

    So this feminist Jessica Valenti is rabid about a lot* of things involving objectification of women well here* she uses the female body to help draw attention to her book. Hypocrite so selling sex is fine as long as you do it. More proof is she makes fuck you videos to any and all men that don’t bow down to her BS yes BS cause 3rd wave feminism or just plain old man hate is that bull shit the pay gay myth if women could be paid way less then men legally why not hire only women pay them pennies and pocket the money for yourself. She is similar to SlutWalks’ We demand men to protect us from men!” marches has there been such hypocrisy in a cause. Also note if feminist were about equality then their recent blogs would be demonizing “The Talk” for making for a man being castrated by his bitch of a wife. In all no mangina will ever comment her and post links to Ms. valenti’s blog as hard proof. In all Valenti dispises america’s innocent till’ proven guilty and all the cruel treatment women in American get. Just typing that last line with a straight face was hard. In all Valenti is a good example of a dictator she hates the 1st amendment she hates innocent till proven guilty and to top it off all her blogs and videos are heavily censored to prevent anyone disagreeing with her. Take a look (note the man is from the US so forgive him for speaking such poor english [link]. Moving on in all she is arrogant calling herself hot and all that in all the woman is pathetic she claimed “love and honor” in marriage is bullshit then just goes only where she will be agreed with. I also love how most feminist claim they love porn yet they will scream pig and everything else at you if you have on nude ass in your favorites. Hey ladies thats an insult after all whore cunt and bitch is what you prefer so no I won’t call you that in all you are ladies. Well I await the mangina fags their links to whatever site Valenti runs.”

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    This is the most offensive, vile piece of shit I have seen in a while. It is incredible how much hate and bile about...
  4. bunny-prince said: "The man is from the UK so forgive him for speaking such poor english"??? For lack of a better word, what a racist fuck.
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