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    Anger is not as acceptable for..wom[e]n…To be angry means you are temporarily alone; you are not in relationship to the person you are angry with. It means being willing to risk that others will reject you, abandon, dislike, even hate you. To many this would represent psychological death. It threatens the established pattern and can mean change. But anger provides energy for change. Women…have to redefine anger and use it for our own development. We have to stop idealizing self-sacrifice, and at the same time we must redefine and reclaim our justified anger.

    Feminist have argued that anger and conflict are necessary for liberation and self-enhancement, for releasing our creative abilities, for serving our self, and for full development (Miller, 1976). Anger is a rational response to the injustice, exploitation, and denigration surrounding the dedicated nurturance and self-sacrifice of nursing. Self-sacrifice is exactly that: sacrifice or denial of the self, of one’s identity, needs, desires in order to serve others.


    Finn, Geraldine. Voices of Women, Voices of Feminism: Limited Edition. Fernwood Publishing; Halifax. 1993. (pg. 54)

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