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    Statistics about what proportion of children have viewed porn online and at what age are bandied around. What is glaringly absent is any discussion about the evidence of the harm of porn either to children or to adults. Where are the sexual-violence support services who can talk about the way that porn is used in the sexual abuse of women and girls (and men and boys)? Or the campaigners who can talk about the connection between online porn and the mainstream media (have you looked at the Sport recently?), or the experts who can talk about the growing evidence about the impact of porn on men’s and boys’ attitudes to women and girls, including their expectations and assumptions about sex and their tolerance of sexual violence.

    The fact is that porn, and increasingly more extreme porn, is now widely available on the internet. Racist language and stereotypes used in pornography about both men (e.g “beasts”) and women would not be considered acceptable in any other context.

    - Holly Dustin at the Guardian, Where is the Feminist Voice in the Porn Debate, September 6, 2012

    It’s disturbingly fascinating that porn seems to be the only “media venue” in which racism, sexism and general dehumanization isn’t largely criticized as problematic, although millions of people consume it, often on a regular basis. More so, some pornographers openly admit to the misogynistic INTENT and STRUCTURING of pornography, both heterosexual porn and lesbian porn. Everything is about pleasing the male gaze in the most twisted, violent way possible and it’s sickening. And yet, even with this information available to them, many feminists will not call out porn for what it is: An expression of woman-hating.

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