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    …minus a few privileged middle to upper-class white women, being called a slut still takes place within a racist, sexist patriarchy — it still comes predominately from men and is normalized by the porn industry that fancies calling women whores and sluts all the time. The word “slut” doesn’t become devoid of historical meaning because it is said with the intent to be “empowering” for some women to say. But who is it empowering? Is it real power? Will it stop men from raping us? Why aren’t we pissed off and naming the perpetrators - creating slogans that call out men’s choices to rape.

    Further, there has been criticism from many women of colour stating that this is not empowering for all women, in fact, it’s very problematic. Not all feminists agree that this is a productive way to address the on-going epidemic of men raping women all over the world. I think for us to merely claim that women, aka. human beings who are and have historically been oppressed by white, colonial patriarchy are somehow bettered or empowered by “re-claiming” woman-hating slurs is problematic. It makes a lot of assumptions and doesn’t address the deeper issues that underlie the word and the societal framework in which that word has been and continues to be used against women.

    Also, as far as I know, the SlutWalk was set up after a woman was blamed for getting raped because she was “Dressing like a slut” — it doesn’t have anything to do with women enjoying sex. Also, if we want to stop being called sluts or whores or tramps or bitches for having sex then we should call out those who are naming us and shaming us instead of pretending we are in some post-patriarchy land where words no longer mean anything and are no longer used to oppress women.


    - femalestruggle

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