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    TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of rape.

    Sometimes I just get so angry.  First I get afraid, because I fucking live in New York City and have been to Central Park countless times, and the idea that this sort of thing could happen at eleven in the morning, in broad daylight, is utterly terrifying.  But then I get angry, because I am so sick of this.  I am sick of women having to live in a world where they’re afraid, where it doesn’t even matter how smart they are about their safety or how much they take care of themselves.  Women are attacked in public in broad daylight, women are attacked in what should be the safety of their own homes. Women live in a world that tries its best to teach them that they are never safe.  And not only are they never safe, they are preternaturally responsible for their own safety in a rape culture that will inevitably blame them for their own attacks.  And then we get to listen to politicians use rape as a convenient comparison for whatever item they don’t like that day, watch as they minimize and warp and twist the trauma of women into something that will bring them political gain.

    Just really fucking angry.

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    God Dammit. I am crying right now because I cannot stomach this anymore. What really set me off was one of the comments...
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