1. A Loud Voice For Women’s Equal Opportunities In Sports & A Budding Champion
    Nicola Adams, 29, is an English boxer, boxing for Haringey Police Community Club. As of March 2011 she was rated world #3 in the Flyweight division, behind Chinese world champion Ren Can Can and Shannon O’Connell of Australia.
    At the age of 12 she began training and just one year later, at 13, she won her first bout. In 2001 she became the first woman boxer ever to represent England, in a fight against an Irish boxer.  In 2003 she became an English Amateur Champion for the first time, and she retained the title at the next 3 championships. In 2007 she was the first English female to win a medal in a major tournament, taking silver in the bantamweight (54kg) division at the European Championships in Denmark. In 2008, she took silver at the World Championships in Ningbo, China. In 2009 she was ruled out of sport for several months by a back injury, but she returned at the 2010 World Championships in Bridgetown, Barbados.  taking silver again, competing now at flyweight (51kg). In November 2010 she was victorious in the first ever GB Amateur Boxing Championship at the Echo Arena at Liverpool. In 2011 she won gold at the European Union Amateur Boxing Championships in Katowice. In July 2012, the BBC included Adams in a feature on “6 Promising Britons to watch in the Olympics.
    They are also many more major accomplishments to be expected from this bright athlete who has also been a champion for defending a woman’s right to box and woman having equal coverage in sports networking. Telling The Telegraph that her only big disappointment is , "That women’s boxing does not get the coverage and profile that the men’s event does."

    To learn more about this inspirational woman, visit The Telegraph and The Guardian.

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